About Us


Straight from the grassroots of the California cannabis culture, Optimal Genetics CBD was founded in 2020 by a group of likeminded cannabis enthusiasts with years of experience in organic cultivation and safe, clean extraction. We only craft high-quality cannabis extracts always free of solvents, pesticides, fillers, leveling agents, or any other impurities as we remain focused on meeting the needs of those seeking legitimately safe, effective, and potent CBD products. Our process always begins with optimal genetics to create pure, potent cannabis extracts that are combined with organic coconut MCT oil as a carrier. When it comes to CBD products, “good enough” isn’t good enough. Try Optimal Genetics CBD and experience the difference.


At Optimal Genetics, our mission is to consistently provide highly convenient and high-quality cannabis products at affordable prices to discerning customers. As genuine cannabis connoisseurs, we wouldn’t make or sell our products if we didn’t want to consume them ourselves. Always lab tested for both potency and purity, Optimal Genetics continues our mission to provide a balanced spectrum of potent cannabinoids at a reasonable price so everyone can experience the benefits of CBD.


First and foremost, we vow to never forget our deep roots in the Cali cannabis culture. Those roots will be essential as we continue to grow our company to meet the needs of the people who find real benefit in our CBD products.  We strive toward true vertical integration. This ultimate achievement will allow us to control all aspects of the manufacturing process including cultivation, processing, and production. This is all possible because of your support, thank you.

Optimal Genetics gives you safe, legal, potent CBD